torsdag 26 oktober 2017

"Nutskimmer" puzzles

Autumn is a great time to photograph Nutcrackers in the Black River Valley. They are busy collecting hazel nuts for the winter and happily take the peanuts we offer as well. The individual in silhouette (bottom picture) is aberrant with a ring of red, bare skin around the eyes, and an unusually long lower mandible, creating an underbite impression - a bit like a Skimmer in fact - a "Nutskimmer" perhaps! ;) and is also extremely unshy. Some experts have given it a diagnosis. I´m not so shure.

måndag 28 augusti 2017

Bluethroat on bicycle track

A Robin-like bird jumping on the side of a bicycle track in central Sweden is usually most likely to be…just a Robin. However this time of the year (late August - early September) it isn´t at all rare to find a Bluethroat. Carl von Linné gave it the scientific name Luscinia svecica, back in 1758, meaning "the Swedish Nightingale". It still fills me with a very old-fashioned nationalistic pride when telling people this!

torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Osprey season final

The Osprey photography season is nearing it´s end but yesterday they were really at it. Several times we had 5-6 Ospreys around the boat, eager to catch the fish (local bream) that we throw them. We believe this is the only operation in Europe where you get such great possibilities to photograph fishing Ospreys at close range on an open lake. Young, talented photographer Simon Green, got some nice pictures.  

söndag 6 augusti 2017

Hornet Moths in my garden

For the 2.nd summer I found Hornet Moths (Sesia apiformis) in my garden in Fläckebo. These creatures look like wasps or hornets but are in fact Moths in disguise. They lay their eggs under the bark of poplar trees. It can take them up to three years to develop from egg, through larvae and pupae to full imago. This is the third species of Clearwing Moths I have encountered in the garden this summer.

onsdag 5 juli 2017

Clearwing encounter

Found 2 Large Red-belted Clearwings or Mygglik glasvinge in swedish (Synanthedon culiciformis) in my garden in Fläckebo yesterday. I thought they where another species first, actually the Raspberry clearwing (Pennisetia hylaeiformis) but this was more unexpected. These little creatures are in fact Moths even if they look like something else.

fredag 2 juni 2017

Great Grey Owl encounter

Some days you are just more lucky than others. Like when this Great Grey Owl flew towards me twice and eventually just passed 2 meters above my head as I crouched down in the vegetation.

söndag 12 februari 2017

White-backed Woodpecker

The White-backed Woodpecker is struggling for survival in Sweden. Very few pairs are breeding despite several years of releasing captivity-raised birds in traditional breeding areas. Last year was hopeful after a good influx of eastern birds in the autumn. There are certainly more birds observed this year again. This female seems to be the same (ringed) bird spending the winter in the same area for the last three years. Nevertheless always a good bird to see.